AstroNova QL 850 Full Colour Inkjet Printer

The QL-850 is a high performance, wide-format label printer designed with the most advanced inkjet technology.

Featuring Natura™ food-safe inks, the QL-850 delivers the highest levels of label durability and the flexibility to print a wide range of label shapes and sizes to meet all your labelling needs.

Now you can produce high quality labels at 1600dpi with speeds of up 12 inches per second from 2 inch to 8.3 inch wide.

For customers in manufacturing applications you can reduce your labelling costs by reducing the need for high volume minimum orders and stocks of discontinued product labels.

The QL 850 will print fixed images as well as printing variable information e.g Lot Numbers , Fixed and Variable Barcodes , QR Codes , Best Before Dates etc.

Natura inks are proven to be 3 times more resistant to the effects of water than similar water based inks.

Natura ink is water-based, 100% free of reactive chemicals, making them safer to use and better for the environment.

They dry fast, enabling high-speed and high-quality colour printing that’s environmentally-friendly , Natura inks are the safer choice for food labelling.

Food and beverage labels account for 64% of the global label market, with 70% of the fastest-growing food labelling categories being refrigerated and frozen foods. Natura™ inks can be ideal for the top growing categories such as Refrigerated and Prepared Foods & Juices , Frozen Foods ( Meat , Poultry & Seafoods )

Safer for you, safer for food labels, safer for the environment.



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