Duralabel Lobo Portable Industrial Label Printer

The Duralabel Lobo is the perfect multi-purpose portable industrial label printer for any industry.

It’s small and handheld, mains or battery operated and durable either in the field , warehouse , office and construction environments.

Print onto 1/2’’ to 2’’ wide tape supplies in any length to make utility & electrical labels, inventory labels, barcodes, pipe markers, wire & cable markers and plant labels.

  • Indoor and Outdoor Use , up to 8 Years Outdoor Use
  • Wide range of industrial Vinyl chemical and UV resistant tapes
  • Self Laminating Cable Markers and Heat Shrink Tubing
  • Fluorescent HiViz tapes
  • Low to High Temperatures tapes (-65ºF to +300ºF)
  • Easy to Use with full QWERTY Keyboard
  • Tape Width’s: 12.7mm , 19mm , 25.4mm , 38.1mm , 50.8mm

€ 699.00 inc. Mains Power Supply and Rechargeable Battery  Prices exclude VAT & Shipping




Technical Details:

  • Print Technology : Thermal Transfer
  • Resolution : 203dpi
  • Cutter : Automatic Cut Off
  • Display : 3.5” Colour LCD
  • PC Connection via USB with Labelforge Label Design Software
  • Max Print Width : 1.79”
  • Max Print Length : 100”
  • Premium vinyl cassettes for indoor and outdoor use, Chemical, Water and UV light resistant.
  • Circuit Board Polyimide Tape, Electrostatic Dissipative Tape (ESD)
  • LN2 Poly TM Tapes : UL 969 Compliant Poly Tape with Extreme Chemical Resistant Ribbon
  • Repositionable Tape, Fluorescent HiViz Tape
  • Wire-Wraps : Self laminating cable wraps – perfect for cable ID – durable and colour coded
  • 5,8mm / 12,7mm / 19mm wide Shrink tubing with 3:1 shrink ratio – perfect for cable identification


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