DuraTag Label Stock

It’s never been easier to accomplish all your indoor and outdoor tagging projects. Simply punch a hole in the printed tag and attach it wherever needed. This flexible, tear-resistant tag stock holds strong in high temperatures and challenging environments. Use them for lockout/Tagout tags, equipment repair tags, valve tags, and much more.

Thickness: 7.5mil ( White ) 9.5mil ( Colours ) of high-density polyethylene

Min Service Temperature: ‐56°C

Max Service Temperature: 93°C

Roll Widths for Toro Max : 75mm or 100mm

Roll Length : 30 Meters

Blank tag material allows you to design & print your own tags , available in a range of colours.

Heavy Duty: resistant to tears, moisture, UV light, and chemicals

Suitable for indoor and outdoor environments

Duralabel Duratag Label Stocks

  • Blank canvas design: tags have a blank canvas to create custom messages.
  • Indoor and outdoor use: supply stays intact in a range of temperatures with an outdoor life of 2 years.
  • Durable: resists damage from tears, moisture, UV light, and chemicals.
  • Wide variety of sizes and colours: choose different sizes and colour-code tags for your needs to improve efficiency and organization.